How It Works

What is Get Lunched?
Ever wanted some advice, or a super valuable business connection? Maybe you want to get your foot in the door, help with your big idea or just meet up with some new and interesting people? There are thousands of connections and possibilities all around us, all we need is a reason to meet up... and lunch is the perfect opportunity.

How does it work?
It's very simple. Find who you want to lunch with and decide the terms:

I'm Buying

You're Buying


The more you lunch and the better ratings you get, the higher quality restaurant you’ll be able to GetLunched in!

Restaurant suggestions and deals
We've teamed up with some great restaurants to provide lunchers with some top lunchtime deals each day. Anyone can use the deals without using the GetLunched network, but if you’re a member you’ll have early access to the best offers which will be coming up soon!

We'll also be featuring restaurants that we like and you recommend. We all know that 12:30 dilemma - What am I going to have for lunch? Well, we're here to make some suggestions for you.

If you want to suggest a venue for the restaurant map, please mail

The Process

Join up & create your own unique profile
Search profiles and find someone you want to lunch with
Agree terms i.e. you buy, they buy or split the bill
Choose a lunchtime deal or select a restaurant
Finish lunch wiser, happier and more connected :)